COVID-19 Updates

While we all continue to do our best during the ongoing global pandemic, you may have questions about the impact to your work. On this page you will find the information most frequently requested by our members regarding COVID-19 at our workplace.

COVID-19: Your Rights At Work

PSAC has assembled a collection of frequently asked questions and responses related to the COVID-19 pandemic and your rights in the workplace, including telework guidelines, the right to refuse unsafe work, and leave. You can read the full list on the PSAC website.

699X Time

If you are unable to work for reasons related to COVID-19, you may be entitled to paid time under a 699X code. If you are unsure whether you are entitled to this or if you have requested it and been denied, talk with a steward about your situation. PSAC has filed multiple policy grievances with the Treasury Board related to 699X time and we are awaiting the outcome of that process. If you are seeking to file a grievance related to the denial of 699X time please be aware that under the collective agreement, grievances must be submitted within 25 working days of your becoming aware of the issue.

Mandatory Vaccinations

The federal government has announced that COVID-19 vaccinations are mandatory for all members of the core public administration. While this does not directly apply to the CRA as a separate agency, the employer has indicated that they will be implementing a similar policy. We recognize that this may generate stress for some of our members. At this time we do not have guidance to offer at the local level but have assembled the following resources:

Statement from UTE National President Marc Brière

PSAC Mandatory Vaccine FAQ

PSAC Official Statement

Announcement from PMO